• Happy birthday to you!!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!!
    Happy birthday to you Daniel!!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!

    my voice is good? lol You sing better than me, lol.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I can say because you had every you want, I hope to, take care and big birthday kiss for you!!!!

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  • Lisa S., she is Daniel's girlfriend. she is model, she is very beautiful.

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  • in France you can't find lot of magazine or dvd of hk movie if you not live in Paris, but i don't have time to go because i work everyday except sunday afternoon but every shop is close, it's very hard for a chinese girl to find a good work in France.

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  • i love go on two site consacrate of him:
    on the first Alice, a fan too do a very good job, i understand a little english so i read a little
    on second site it's in japanese i can't read but i take lots beautiful picture of him.

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  • go to he's and him band on www.alivenotdead.com you can download Alive song, the latest song is very beautiful i very love it.

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