• Runaway NaNa - 2005 !

    Cast: Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Yang Yo Ning, Huang Qing
    Country: Hong Kong
    Start Filming Date: March 24, 2005

    This film Runaway Nana 走佬 Nana is by Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun 周迅 , Yang Yo Ning
    楊祐寧, Huang Qing 黃卿. Daniel has already grown his hair long for Long
    Hate Song but for this movie, he has to grow it even more to play the
    role of a mysterious boxer.

    He said, "I think I could join F4 and become F5 with this long hair."
    Daniel said he doesn't like long hair and after this movie, he wants to shave it.
    For the movie, two months ago, Daniel has been practicing western boxing.
    Daniel remembers that when he was at the university, the first time in
    a competition, the opponent broke the bone of hisnose. Even though it
    didn't have any permanent damage, but his left nostril often get stuck.
    He laughed, "Luckily those days I didn't go back to visit mom for a few
    months, otherwise she would have scolded me if she knew I was hurt."

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  • Enter the phoenix

    After triad leader Hung dies, his assistant goes in search of his son to fill his shoes. Only, instead of the son, he find's the son's roomate Sam. Now Sam is wrongfully the head of the triad, and once his secrety gets out, he's dead meat.

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  • Divergence

    A loser cop (Aaron Kwok) whose fiancee (Angelica Lee) is missing, a wayward assassin (Daniel Wu), and a confused lawyer's (Ekin Cheng) paths cross when a murder draws them together...

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  • Beyond our Ken

    After being dumped by her boyfriend Ken (Daniel Wu) a month ago, Chan (Gillian Chung) found out that Ken has posed her nude picture on the internet, causing Chan losing her job. To take revenge, Chan decides to line up with ZHOU (Tao Hung), Ken's existing girlfriend, to steal back their nude photos from Ken's house. Friendship starts to grow between these two namely "rivals" during the search however, what they do not know is two girls for one man is always too crowded and the two are destined to be rivals for the rest of their lives.

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  • Night Banquet

    The Emperor (Ge You) usurped the throne by murdering the previous Emperor. He marries the Empress (Zhang Ziyi), wife of the previous Emperor and stepmother to the Crown Prince (Daniel Wu). At first the Empress seeks only to protect herself, but as the new Emperor grows suspicious of all those around him, she realizes that only by helping the Crown Prince kill the new Emperor can she hope to survive. Together with the Chief Minister (Ma Jingwu) she tris to carry out this plot. But when the Prince is wraked by indecision, she devises a new plan and seeks the throne for herself.

    The Crown Prince was never interested in court politics and did not look forward to becoming emperor. He instead pursued a life of art. When he faces the need to kill the man who murdered his father and usurped the throne, he is torn between his desire for revenge and his instinct for peace. The Princess (Zhou Xun) he is engaged to loves him unreservedly, but as she watches him drift away into melancholy and confusion, she falls into unreasoning passion.

    The Empress was originally to be the Prince's mother, rather than stepmother, but when Ziyi choose to take the role, they made the switch since she is too young to play a woman old enough to be Daniel Wu's mother.

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