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    Alice, where do you search so lot photo of Daniel? You and i, we are the biggest fan of Daniel in the world. lol, you are welcome if you went France, contact me. you speak mandarin? Because my mandarin is very good but you know my english is bad and you speak a little french.

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    Mardi 20 Septembre 2005 à 21:28
    haha!! thanks for dedicating a little bit of your site to me, i must say its coming along very well!! i am a regular visitor now!! :D haha i always wonder how YOU get so many pictures that I havent seen before! you\'re one of the only sites ive seen with pictures that i havent seen of daniel!! and i have a lot because i search a lot and save them all!! hahah, your english is getting better and you are truly daniels biggest fan because you\'re learning another language for him!! :P But yea between you and me, we must be one of the biggest fans of his!! lol i only speak a little bit of mandarin, and understand a bit more, and i only know a little bit of french so haha! if we speak all the languages we know then im sure we can get along! keep up the good work! love alice
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