• Alive pretends to boycott Daniel Wu?

    After Daniel Wu, Terence Yin, Andrew Lin and Conroy Chan were rumored with disagreements, there has also been other rumors about them using this propaganda. Last night Daniel attened a private party with the other three arriving later.

    After two hours, Daniel have left. He expressed that he did see the other Alive members at the party but did not talk to them. An hour later, Conroy and Andrew left and Terence admits that there is 'no chance' to talk with Daniel. Not long after, Terence also left, but on the other hand, some said that they did have close talks with each other.

    Moreover, Daniel has been secretly taken pictures of him and his girlfriend Lisa S at his residence. Lisa S expressed that her manager has reminded her that she could be the next paparazzi victim like Lok kai Yi.

    By: asianfanatics.net

    Daniel respond about that on Alive's blogg:


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