• Daniel takes advantage of privacy intrusions

    Earlier, photographs of Daniel Wu and his girlfriend, Lisa S, making out in Daniel's house were published in a magazine. Just recently, posters were put up on the windows of Daniel's appartment. These posters were not hinting a sign of protest for having reporters pry into his privacy but were to advertise his band, Alive.

    When commenting on the posters, Daniel said, "Since people love taking photos of me in my house, I thought I would take advantage of this point and stick up some posters to advertise Alive's movie, Four Heavenly Kings".

    Alive's 'Four Heavenly Kings' will be released in cinemas on the 20th of april with its premier held during the HKIFF (april 5th). Daniel really hopes that 'Four Heavenly King' will do well.

    BY: asianfanatics.net 

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