• Filmography

    i saw this film

    Young and dangerous: The prequel (98)
    City of glass
    Gorgeous (99) cameo
    Gen-x cops
    Purple storm
    2000 A.D. (00)
    Undercover blues
    Headlines (01)
    Hit team
    Cop on a mission
    Born wild
    Beijing rocks
    Peony pavilion
    Beauty and the breast (02)
    Love undercover
    Princess D
    Devil face angel heart
    The Peeping
    Night corridor (03)
    Love undercover 2: Love mission
    Hidden track
    Miss Du Shi Niang
    Magic kitchen (04)
    Enter the phoenix
    One nite in Mongkok
    Around the world in 80 days
    New police story
    The twins effect II
    Beyound our ken
    Dragonblade (05) only voice
    House of fury
    Drink drank drunk
    Everlasting regret

    Mc Dull the alumni (06)

    The night banquet

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