• Letter of Daniel for boycott Gillian nude photo and other "garbade" magazine

    Hi everyone,

    We need all your help to stop this low-class, immoral behavior!

    DO NOT BUY these magazines! If you respect any of us ALIVE boys and you
    agree this papparazzi thing is getting out of control, you have to make
    a decision to help out! This means do not buy any of these magazines.
    Oriental Weekly, Oriental Sunday, Easyfinder, Next Magazine and 3
    Weekly. None of these are respectable magazines. These are all garbage
    filled gossip magazines that do not deserve your attention. Even if
    they have photos or articles on us, DO NOT BUY them becasue by doing
    so, you are telling the magazines that this is ok, this is the kind of
    garbage you want to see and therefore they will continue to keep
    mercilessly attacking artistes, their families and anyone related to

    Don't even touch them or pick them up.

    To stress my point I am also going to make it prohibited to talk about
    gossip news on forums on this site. Because talking about it
    perpetuates the destruction that they are causing. DO NOT link any of
    that crap on these forums. If we find any violations of this we will
    remove the thread and close the accounts of offending members.

    I am so angry and upset about this issue. It is not specifically about
    Gill's incident, but about the fact that this city, which I love so
    much and has given me so much opportunity, is turning into a such
    terrible place to live. Please show us that you still have principles
    and morals and you care by supporting our Boycott of these trash

    I hoep enough noise is being made to make the Hong Kong government wake up and do something about it.

    As Terence said, we have been working with the HK Performing Artistes
    Guild to see what more we can do about this. We will keep you posted
    about how you can help.



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