• Hello Alice can I have you adress, I can send you every video and photo about Daniel and you send me you're stuff?

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  • Hi Alice, yes I have watched Drink drank drunk you can see my opinion about it on my blog in movie critic, yes he is very cute in this movie when he is drunk, I laugh a lot, I have Everlasting regret but I haven't watch yet because I am tired I have a lot of work.

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  • Happy to have your new Alice, so you have change your links, long time you don't respond me so I think you are very very busy, next year me and my family go to live in China it's not sure but my father will do business over there and I say I believe go with him, and he is very happy I hope learn chinese, because I can't read and write a lot chinese, lot of french learn chinese. So I don't know when I go I warn you. Big kiss

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  • Hi Alice I read you message, but you don't indicate you new website!!! so i'm wait you write you're link. you go to united states? You are so lucky, you travel so many country, why i don't have money to travel lot of country like you? lol you have come in France before?

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