• Miss Asia pageant 2004

    I had just watch Miss Asia pageant 2004 Daniel present girls, he say he is lucky, I say they are very lucky to see him, lol. when a girl Daniel write a word for her he write him number, it 's very funny. When he speak in mandarin it's soooooooo cute, lol.

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    Jeudi 10 Novembre 2005 à 18:40
    its really a pity that i dident see it! hes soooooo cute!
    Samedi 12 Novembre 2005 à 15:13
    hey!! OMG!! i received your CD in the post this morning!! I was SOO HAPPY!!! I wasn't expecting it, I didnt hear from you and thought u maybe forgot! I'm going to watch it now!! ARGHH! ok this is important, I can't read your address at the back too clearly so PLEASE email me soon and tell me your address so I can email your CD to you!! I will include lots of MTVs, trailers, pics and interviews! thanks a MILLION Mali! ;) I love the 'Tour de Eiffel' at the back! haha! keep in touch and thanks so much again! :D :D
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