• <st1:place>Hong Kong</st1:place>'s Oriental Daily and The Sun obtained several photos taken during the production of Yee Tung-Shing's
    Protg, which covers the entire life-cycle of drug with multiple storylines running in parallel.

    Daniel Wu as a cop with Zhang Jingchu as his drug-addicted "girlfriend."

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  • A new movie, produced by Peter Chan and directed by Ti Dung Sing, will feature Andy Lau and Louis Koo as bad guys against Daniel Wu. The new movie is called "Chai Gai" (Stepping the Line) and will center around drug trafficking. Andy will play a drug dealer while Louis will play a drug addict.

    The movie has a budget of $20 million (HKD), but the filming date has not been set yet. To make his appearance more suitable for the role, Louis will have to lose weight to look more like a drug addict. His character is addicted to drugs and will even sacrifice his wife in order to obtain money to pay for drugs. Louis' wife will be played by mainland awardd winning actress, Cheung Ching Chor.

    Allegedly Andy and Louis' roles are not the main characters; the main story will center around Daniel, who will play an undercover police officer. However "Stepping the Line" has potential in the international market, as Peter Chan's partner is Andre Morgan. Since the film offers opportunity to break into the international market, Andy and Louis accepted the roles. "Stepping the Line" will be filmed in Hong Kong and Thailand. Due to Louis and Andy's busy schedules, the filming date for the new movie has not been set yet. 

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  • In www.alivenotdead.com Daniel says, he is in Beijing finished the movie, "The night Banquet", I hope he come France to promote this film, please god, lol. Now, he don't have any times to sing in Alive. I am very busy lizzie to see this film, the history is very good.

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  • The 24 episode, 1982 TV drama "Shanghai Beach", staring the big chinese names Chow Yun-Fat and Gigi Zhao, has moved and impressed many chinese audiences in the past two  decades.
    A new version of the drama, led by Hong Kong popular lady killer Daniel Wu and Taiwan actress Alyssa Chia, is sheduled to start shooting before the end of this year.

    Although there are already many versions of it, including the 1995 film version starring Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau, none of them received a good response as the original.

    Alyssa Chia will play the female lead Feng Cheng Cheng, and Daniel will replaced Chow Yun-Fat as Xu Wenqiang.

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