• "Protege" Filming Continues in Thailand

    Derek Yee's drug thriller "Protege" continues to shoot in the mountains of
    Northern Thailand, with Andy Lau and Daniel Wu staying in Chiangmai, whilst
    actress Anita Mui has returned home after finishing her scenes. The shoot has
    been hard going according to Lau, who tells of being plagued by swarms of
    mosquitoes and having to film a sequence riding an elephant. Meanwhile, director
    Yee, who worked previously with Lau on "Full Throttle" has spoken of how the
    actor has matured in the time since, although he agrees with Anthony Wong's
    comment that no matter how Andy changes, he will always be Andy - presumably
    a reference to his managing to resist the ravages of age. The picture here shows
    Andy celebrating the success of his latest music album, treating the "Protege" cast
    and crew to a fine seafood meal after a hard day's shooting.

    source: kfccinema.com

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