• Toyota

    Thank you Alice for you're cd. i love.

    In Toyota video Daniel is very cute!!!!

    The actor who enter in the car when Daniel and hes wife is outside is famous in Mainland china, a very funny actor, my parents love he's series and he is humorist.

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    Dimanche 27 Novembre 2005 à 21:34
    glad u like it!!
    I'm so glad u like it and it got to you ok yea? take your time with browsing through all the media yea. omg i remember i wrote a letter to u.. explaining what is in the disc! i wrote a lot... and i remember that it didnt fit in the CD because every single MB was used up! then i cant remember whether i emailed it to u or not... can u tell me whether u received it? then i can send it to you again if i did forget to send it, so silly of me, sorry! u needed a letter with it explaining all the media! oh and did u like the postcards i sent u?! :D just thought u could have some souveneirs!
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