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    In www.alivenotdead.com Daniel says, he is in Beijing finished the movie, "The night Banquet", I hope he come France to promote this film, please god, lol. Now, he don't have any times to sing in Alive. I am very busy lizzie to see this film, the history is very good.

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    Mercredi 28 Septembre 2005 à 22:26
    going uni!
    hey jus a quick note to say that im going to uni tomorow and im really hectic at the moment! but my site has changed because the other one has frozen because of too many visitors, so sorry but could you please change the link on your site! sorry, this is the last time it'll change because this host has unlimited bandwidth!! could you please tell other fans for me!! its so bad because people cant get to my site and im really busy goin uni 2mrw!!! thanks a lot! love alice
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