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    name: Daniel WU
    born: 30th september 1974 (it' he's birthday soon)
    birthplace: San francisco / California / USA
    family: he's parents his shanghainese he have two helder sisters
    girlfriend: Lisa Selesner (she is a little french, she understand french?)
    language: english, cantonese, mandarin (me too!!)
    hobbies: kung fu, photography (me too i have a camera in my bag everyday), travelling (me too my dream is go to Japan)
    favourite movie: godfather, pulp fiction (me too!!!), Citizen kane
    favourite food: japanese, italian, chinese (no french food?!!! lol)
    favourite country: Japan (me too!!!! we have lot afinity lol)
    contact address: send a self addressed envelope and a little message and two month later you received a photo of him (i receive him photo hihihi).
    JC Group
    c/o Daniel Wu
    145 Waterloo Road
    Kowloon tong
    Hong Kong

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