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    Happy to have your new Alice, so you have change your links, long time you don't respond me so I think you are very very busy, next year me and my family go to live in China it's not sure but my father will do business over there and I say I believe go with him, and he is very happy I hope learn chinese, because I can't read and write a lot chinese, lot of french learn chinese. So I don't know when I go I warn you. Big kiss

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    Lundi 10 Octobre 2005 à 20:43
    yea thats really good you can go to china! yea its good to learn your own language! thanks for changing the link! :D wow I LOVE this photo! i really like it how you always get these photos ive never seen before!! keep it going, cos its not often i see dnaiel pics ive never seen before! is this from enter the phoenix promoting? daniel looks so hot!! XD
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